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   Goodwin Brothers Printing Company was established in 1906 by brothers, James, Emmett and Asa Goodwin. They commenced business in a very small way at 2520 North Broadway in downtown St. Louis.
The firm did a general line of commercial printing.
   The enterprise grew and its trade area gradually expanded, the establishment incorporating under the laws of the State of Missouri in 1914. The company survived the Depression years printing calenders, laundry lists, and even advertisements for the government promoting the sale of war bonds.  
  Goodwin Brothers has continued to grow since then, increasing in size over the years and now encompassing over 40,000 square foot of
building space. Today, we specialize in retail inserts but have the flexibility to handle many other printing projects.
   Goodwin Brothers has ranked foremost among the St. Louis printing institutions since our inception and will continue to do so for years to come.
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